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Membership Details

You are eligible to become a 129th Alumni and Heritage Association member if you have served in the 129th Rescue Wing or any of the Wing’s predecessor organizations, including  subordinate units, starting with the 129th Air Resupply Group.  You do not have to be separated or retired to join the Association.  The annual Association membership dues are very affordable at $15.00. 

Upon request, members receive a membership roster, which includes many member’s email address. This roster is intended to facilitate contacting former colleagues and is not to be shared or sold to any other group or commercial entity. All members will also receive the Association’s quarterly Newsletter.

The Association sponsors several membership events.  March is the annual Old-Timers Luncheon. The luncheon brings together former and current Wing members for lunch and the opportunity of swapping war stories. Retired and separated members are invited to participate in the Wing’s various social events such as Family Day.

You can display your pride in the Association through the purchase of the Association’s jacket or other 129th AHA merchandise.  Take a shopping trip through Dondi's Mercantile!  Please contact LTC David Rusell at

             1-209-551-8077 or by email:  DPRussell11@Comcast.net.

        Order information is also contained in the quarterly Newsletter.

If you have any questions to do not hesitate to contact any Officer or Board member.

Why not take a couple of minutes and fill out, print and mail the membership application and join your former colleagues and friends as an Association member.

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