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Information & Resource Links

Below are some information resources you might find helpful.  If you have suggestions for additional information to be posted here, please contact a Board Member or the Webmaster.

Retirement Information

  • Retirement Notes - updated May 2010
    This presentation was prepared by CCMSgt Liliana Ramos and CCMSgt Doug Sale.  It includes links to many sources.  You can probably find answers to many of your questions at one of these sites. 

  • Air Force Retiree Services
    Comprehensive Air Force site - with lots of information and links!

  • Retirees Casualty Assistance Checklist
    Complete and print this checklist of information needed for processing the many documents related to survivor and death benefits.  Once it is completed, you can save the file on your computer for easy access.

  • Veterans Benefits Web Sites
    Comprehensive listing - with links - to many Veterans Benefits web sites.

  • How to Report the Death of a Military Retiree
    Comprehensive document detailing the procedures involved in reporting a death, as well as many benefits and services available to the surviving spouse and dependents.

  • Government Furnished Headstones
    Information regarding headstones and markers

Publications & Periodicals


Other Useful Sites

Interesting Places