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Scholarship Program

A. Purpose:

The Educational Scholarship Program is intended to recognize exceptional 129th RQW Enlisted members and to assist them in their education goals so that they may better contribute to the Unit’s mission.


B. Scholarship Committee:

The Alumni Heritage Association (AHA) President will establish a Scholarship Committee composed of Association and Wing members. The Committee will consist of a minimum of three people - the chairperson, one AHA Director, and the 129th RQW CCM or the Command Chief’s designated representative. The President will designate the chairperson.

C.  Implementation:

Annually the Board, prior to the Scholarship Committee’s December meeting, will establish the value of the scholarships to be awarded.  The Scholarship Committee will accept, review, determine eligibility, and rate all applications.  They will then make a recommendation to the 129th AHA Board.  The chairperson will use the Action Report (Attachment 2) to record committee and board action.

D.  Qualifications:

  1. Applicants being considered for a scholarship award shall have demonstrated the ability to perform their 129th RQW duties with a selfless effort that demonstrates a maturity and commitment to the Unit goals and the mission of the Air National Guard and Air Force.
  2. Eligible individuals must have one-year minimum 129th RQW service. Unit members with less than one year of service must have successfully completed BMT and Tech School and have a strong Commander’s letter of recommendation with their package explaining why the Board should consider this individual.
  3. Applicant must be pursuing an Associate or Bachelors degree or be enrolled in a vocational school.
    • Scholarship applicants are classified into two categories.  The categories are intended to establish an award sequence.

     ·         Category A - Applicants who hold a military rank of E-3 (A1C) to E-6 (TSgt).

    ·           Category B - Applicants who hold a military rank of E-7 (MSgt) to E-9 (CMSgt).

  4. Applicant must be pursuing a Masters degree.  Scholarship applicants who hold a military rank of E-3 (A1C) to E-9 (CMSgt) may apply for the scholarship.  These applicants will only compete with other Masters degree applicants.
    • The scholarship for a Masters degree will only be considered when there is extra money to award or when there are not enough applicants for the vocational, Associate, or Bachelors degree scholarship program.
  5. Applicants shall be currently enrolled in an educational program whose goal is an academic degree or certification in a subject matter, which will enhance the applicant’s ability to support the 129th RQW unit mission and goals.

  6. Applicants applying for the scholarship are required to submit an application (Attachment 1).  With the application, a current transcript, a statement of work in progress from the educational facility, or other evidence of program participation will be submitted.  Applicants will also submit their squadron commander or immediate commander’s written endorsement.  This letter should describe the endorsement reason and brief description of the individual’s future potential.
  7. Scholarship awardees are limited to two (2) scholarship awards.  The Scholarship Committee may consider in exceptional circumstances waiving the limitation.

E.  Application Procedure:

The application process for receipt of a scholarship is as follows:

  1. The annual application period is the March drill weekend through the November drill weekend.

  2. Submit the 129th AHA Educational Scholarship Application with endorsement letter and program participation evidence no later than the November drill.  Completed applications shall be submitted to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson or a designated representative.

  3. Completed applications should be carefully reviewed prior to submittal.  Pay attention to:

    • Tenure in Unit (see paragraph D2)

    • Appropriate rank requirement. (paragraph D4)

    • Completeness of individual personal interest questions.

    • Endorsement letter.

    • Transcript, certificate of work in progress, or other evidence of active program participation.

    • Completeness and quality of applicant’s response will be evaluated.

NOTE:  Because the scholarship is a “once a year” grant, applications that are submitted after the application cut-off date or are found incomplete may NOT be considered for a scholarship award.  Applications will be rated based on E3 and Attachment 3.

F.  Review Procedure:

  1. Completed applications may be submitted at anytime during the application period to the Scholarship Chairperson.  Applications will be reviewed for completeness.  Deficient applications will be returned for correction.  Applications may be resubmitted at any time, but no later than the December drill weekend.

  2. The 129th AHA Educational Scholarship Committee will conduct a December meeting to review and qualify applicants.

  3. The 129th AHA Educational Scholarship Committee will conduct a January meeting and will formulate scholarship award recommendations as authorized by the Board of Directors.

  4. The qualified Category A applicants will be considered first.  If there are insufficient qualified Category A applicants, the Committee will proceed to consider qualified Category B applicants, and Masters applicants until all the authorized scholarships are awarded.

  5. The Educational Scholarship Chairperson will present the Committee’s recommended scholarship awardees for Board of Directors review and concurrence.

G. Formal Award Presentation:

The 129th AHA Educational Scholarship and Recognition Certificate presentation to each recipient is scheduled for the Alumni Association annual membership meeting.  This meeting is commonly referred to as “The Old Timers’ Luncheon” and is customarily scheduled annually in March.


Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Program Flyer